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 Ahhhhhhh Paul...toujours aussi humble !

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Nombre de messages : 2726
Age : 37
Ma ville : Québec, Oui oui, LA ville du show mémorable de 2008!
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Mon Beatles préféré : Paul Lennon, George Starr
Date d'inscription : 16/08/2006

MessageSujet: Ahhhhhhh Paul...toujours aussi humble !   Dim 2 Aoû - 10:17

NEW YORK - Paul McCartney likes to get out of the Beatle bubble he's lived in since he was 21 and just be a regular bloke. So, he does. No disguises, no bodyguards. Just Paul.

Sometimes, he goes bowling. Or grocery shopping. Or, to the movies with his girlfriend and gets shushed by strangers for talking too much. A couple of years ago, he recalls, he even found himself on a New York City bus. Then, the world's most celebrated songwriter reached his stop and melted into midtown Manhattan.

McCartney will play before 60,000-plus people at FedEx Field in suburban Washington today, the third stop on his summer mini-tour and a milestone of sorts (the concert comes 45 years after the Beatles made their American concert debut in Washington, at the long-gone Coliseum). He'll be surrounded by the usual rock-god trappings and airtight security. But, he says he savors encounters that remind him of who he was before he and a few of his friends got together and revolutionized popular music.

"It grounds you, you know?" McCartney says. "It's a balance thing. I'm just one of the people on the bus. I'm the famous one, but I'm behaving normally. ... Really, it's important."

McCartney is telling this story a few hours before a sold-out show at Citi Field, the gleaming new home of the New York Mets, ensconced in the ballpark's visitors' clubhouse. For an official senior citizen - impossibly, he's now 67 - McCartney looks remarkably youthful. He's slim, almost slight, and truth be told, could even stand a few more pounds. The famously cherubic face is fleshier and lined just enough to remind you that McCartney isn't 21 anymore.

The tousled hair is a flat brown. This is reassuring; who wants a Beatle, particularly the doe-eyed, ever-boyish Paul, to seem old or even to age at all?

The even better news is that McCartney's voice remains strong and supple in his 50th year of performing. Critics generally applauded the vocals and writing on his last album, "Electric Arguments," released last year under his Fireman alter ego. But McCartney is a revelation in concert.

He plays straight through for about 2 1/2 hours each night, offering more than 30 tunes from his vast catalog. The set list ranges from such sweetly sung classics as "Blackbird" and the inevitable "Yesterday" to the frantic, voice-shredding chestnut "I'm Down."

There are several nods to souls departed; "My Love" is dedicated to his late wife Linda, "Give Peace a Chance" goes out to John Lennon and "Something" is sung in honor of its creator, George Harrison. McCartney plays the latter song on a ukulele that Harrison gave him.

McCartney says the emphasis on vintage is calculated to please. "It's always difficult to do new songs," he says. "You know, I look at myself and think, 'OK, I'm coming to see this show, I'm just an ordinary audience member, what do I want to hear him do?' And you know, a lot of it is hits. If I went to see Prince, I know the songs I want. I want 'Purple Rain,' please. You know if he doesn't do it, someone says how was it and you have to answer, 'Well, he didn't do "Purple Rain." ... I don't want (fans) to go home thinking 'Oh, I would have liked to have heard "Hey Jude."'

McCartney sees it as something akin to giving back to people the things that made them love him in the first place. "Oh, I want to do" the old songs, he says. "We made hits so people would like them. And, so, it's gratifying that people do."

As genial as McCartney is, interviewing him can be slightly disconcerting. His career has been so varied and rich that the potential questions are endless. What's more, each time you look up, you're conscious of a little out-of-body voice reminding you of just whom you're sitting next to.

McCartney himself doesn't seem all that impressed by his own legend. "The whole point about it, the Beatles, Wings and me now, is that I'm too busy living it to think about it or reminisce."

Well, perhaps he can clear up at least one tiny mystery of several decades: What exactly is McCartney's maddening lyric in "Live and Let Die"? Is it, "In this ever-changing world in which we live in"? Or "in which we're living"?

McCartney seems genuinely puzzled. "Yeah, good question," he says. "It's kind of ambivalent, isn't it? ... Um ... I think it's 'in which we're living."

He starts to sing: "'In this ever changing world. ... ' It's funny. There's too many 'ins.' I'm not sure. I'd have to actually look. I don't think about the lyric when I sing it. I think it's 'in which we're living.'"

The larger mystery may be this: Why, after all these years, is he still showing up at all? After so much - the frenzied adulation of the Beatles years, the money and fame and personal tragedies, the tabloid divorce - what could he possibly want?

McCartney brightens at this. "I like what I do," he answers instantly. "Also, I'm very darn lucky to get this job."

Le croiser dans l'autobus... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... surement pas en contexte de tournée... ou de show le soir...eheh... je vais avoir ma chance, je vous le dit !

Montreal - Centre Molson - 2001 - Ringo and his all Starr Band
Toronto - Air Canada Centre - 2002 - Driving Tour
Toronto - Air Canada Centre - 2005 - US Tour
Québec - Plaines d'Abraham - 2008 - Québec, 400 Zans Wink (gagnant pour le test de son Smile )
New York City - CITI Field - 2009 - CITI Field Inauguration Nights - Good Evening NYC
Montréal - Centre Bell - 2010 - Up And Coming Tour
Montréal - Centre Bell - 2011 - (Band), (Fan), On The Run Tour
Montréal - Petit Campus - 2012 - James McCartney
Montreal - Théatre Corona - 2013 - Dhani Harrison
Québec - Plaines d'Abraham - 2013 - Out The Tour ! Very Happy
London or Liverpool - SOON - ????

À la prochiaine Paul ;-)

I don't want to impress anyone... except myself ! - Paul McCartney

Sebas / Bass
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Nombre de messages : 1353
Age : 67
Ma ville : Drummondville
Date d'inscription : 20/07/2008

MessageSujet: Re: Ahhhhhhh Paul...toujours aussi humble !   Dim 2 Aoû - 11:09

Et moi qui ne prends jamais l'autobus !

Crying or Very sad
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Nombre de messages : 2637
Age : 23
Ma ville : Sherbrooke
Mon Beatles préféré : Paul McCartney
Date d'inscription : 13/08/2008

MessageSujet: Re: Ahhhhhhh Paul...toujours aussi humble !   Lun 3 Aoû - 15:25

Haaaa ce chèr Paul, je l'adore. Very Happy
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MessageSujet: Re: Ahhhhhhh Paul...toujours aussi humble !   

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Ahhhhhhh Paul...toujours aussi humble !
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